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Urban/Suburbia in & around Oxford Road

40 Art & Design students from Xaverian College worked with Ultimate Holding Company and Whitworth Art Gallery to explore themes from Projections: Works from The Artangel Collection, the current Whitworth exhibition with Manchester International Festival.

Working over 3 days, we looked at the places sited either side of Oxford Road, behind the buildings, to explore the different communities that lived and worked in those areas and tried to make connections between the places.

On the first day we walked along Oxford Road, in the rain, past the Dental Hospital, through the University of Manchester, through the residential area before the Whitworth Park, through the Park, around Xaverian College to alley ways near Dickenson Road and back to the Whitworth Art Gallery along Oxford Road.

3 questions we asked ourselves at various sites:

What do you think of the place?
What do you think others would think of the place?
What would you change about the place?

We looked at ‘Railings’ and ‘The Nightwatch’ by Francis Alÿs, films from The Artangel commissioned ‘Seven Walks’. This gave the students an understanding of responses to urban environments.

The students developed a variety of responses to the walk and how to connect the communities – individually and collaboratively.

These photos document the walk and some of the responses.

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One comment on “Urban/Suburbia in & around Oxford Road

  1. Great stuff, here’s another of our ideas that didn’t get finished on the day…



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