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The Shadows of Medlock Take Over The Gallery.

On Friday the 11th November, something special happened at the gallery for the second year running. The pupils of Medlock primary school took part in the 5th annual edition of Take Over Day :- a unique event that allows young minds to grab the reins at cultural organisations across the whole of the country.

This year the Whitworth Art Gallery, along with Manchester Museum and Manchester Art Gallery, gave the young creative thinkers of Medlock Primary the chance to work with the staff and to be involved in the decision making of daily routines.

The Pupils from years 3 and 5 benefited from the opportunity to experience the world of an active and busy gallery environment. In the morning, they made sure they were seen and heard like true professionals by leading tours for the general public, working in collaboration with the v.s.a team, holding discussions with Dark Matters curator (Helen Stalker) and advertised the event through social media.

In the afternoon, the children got to use the information they learnt from the above activities with artist Mat Cahill. Responding to the current exhibition ‘Dark Matters’, the pupils dressed up as shadows and got to investigate how a visitors shadow moved and responded to the gallery space.

A great day was had by all participants and thanks to the pupils, the gallery staff gained a fresh perspective on what they do in the gallery. The learning and Interpretation team would like to thank all that were involved in the day and are looking forward to next years events.


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