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Big Draw 2011 – Trailblazers Award Winners.

Whitworth Art gallery has been selected for a Campaign for Drawing ‘2011 trailblazer award’ which recognises ‘inspirational organisers and institutions that have committed to the Big Draw in the long term, and use it as an experimental platform’ for our October event – Molecular Drawing – Join the Dots. The Big Draw team received ‘an unprecedented number of applications of a very high standard from across the UK and other countries’ so this news is particularly pleasing considering we took a calculated risk for The Big Draw that weekend combining science, linking to the Manchester Science Festival and taking inspiration from the ‘Giants of the Infinitesimal’ exhibition at Manchester Museum of Science and Industry, with a pointillist activity that made full use of the South Gallery windows looking out to the park whilst linking itself to Manchester’s recent scientific break-through with the two dimensional material Graphene. Visitors felt comfortable with this simple form of mark making, which was nevertheless both scientifically and aesthetically exciting. They were delighted to augment the carefully designed molecular structures which underpinned the activity with all kinds of chaos! The highlight was a visit by Nobel prize-winning scientist Kostya Novoselov (known for his discovery of graphene) with his family, all eager to add their spots! The event was recorded on film by the gallery team with a specially selected sound track


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