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The Caribbean Carnival At Alexandra Park

The Art Bus had a great success at the Caribbean Carnival over the weekend (11th & 12th August, 2012). We took advantage of the sunny weather on Saturday to make windmills with flag designs. This was inspired by the flag designed by Meschac Gaba’s Ensemble which combines all the West African flags and the Union Jack to produce the most eye catching flag you will ever come across! We also got our hands dirty making prints 🙂 Once again, the sun was available to dry our work and make it look beautiful and funky. Print making is a very significant aspect of West Africa due to the large number of people who wear wax prints  such as the 6 Bougies which is currently on display at the Whitworth Art Gallery. I must say everyone loves paint! We also did some more charcoal and soft pastel work inspired by Emeka Ogboh’s Lagos Soundscapes which I introduced in my last post. The Art Bus will be stopping at Gorton Library on 21st August, 2012 (2.15-3.45pm), Withington Library on 22nd August, 2012 (2-3pm) and City Library on 23rd August,2012.

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