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Goodbye My Art Bus Friends

Hello Everyone,

All too soon the We Face Forward Exhibition and Art Bus Sessions have come to an end 😦 The closing event was a great success. Thank you to everyone who attended our sessions and supported us in every way they could. Everyone enjoyed the music provided by the Band on the Wall at the closing event which took place at the Manchester Piccadilly Gardens on Saturday 15th September, 2012. The Art Workshops held on that day were the best out of all the ones we have had. I must say, I will miss working with the We Face Forward Art Bus Team. I would also like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Ronan Brindley, Helena Lee, Steven Roper, Dwight Clarke, Esme Ward, Ed Watts, George Downie, Dean Whiteside, Kate McCullough, Ray Warburton,Jim and Sam ( Manchester Art Gallery), Joseph and Michelle Ayavoro, Luke Adamson, Paul Robinson, Harriet Hall, Geli Berg, the musicians and everyone at the front desk of the Whitworth Art Gallery. Please enjoy the photos! Goodbye my Art Bus Friends!

Best Wishes,

Rachel Adati-Kumi

Art Bus Intern

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