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CRESC Project – Urban Visions

During the summer term 2012, The Whitworth Art Gallery partnered with CRESC (Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change), based at the University of Manchester and The Open University, to develop an exciting project for primary schools that links the gallery’s collections with the promises and visions of a future Manchester.

The key questions for the art project focused on city futures:

How will the promises we see today impact on the children and cities of tomorrow?

What other kinds of city futures can we anticipate?

What promises can children make, to help make better cities for tomorrow?

What will Manchester look like in 50 years time and how can the children of today contribute to a future city vision?

Seven schools were invited to take part in the project to explore a future Manchester from a child’s perspective.

The project took inspiration from the ‘Ruins and Renewal’ exhibition at the Whitworth Art Gallery and by an artwork by artist, Victor Pasmore.

Each school has produced a map to illustrate their future city and Individual pupils have created a painting and designed a Promise Cube to reflect their dreams, aspirations and concerns. Their outcomes are displayed here.

Participating Primary schools include:

Crab Lane, Claremont, Beaver Road, Webster, St James, Green End and Heald Place.

Thank you to all the pupils and teachers, the feedback from the conference was fantastic!

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