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Me myself and I with Hogarth and Hockney

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Last week, two Year 7 classes from Manchester Academy explored the themes of identity and self, using William Hogarth and David Hockney’s strikingly different interpretations of ‘A Rake’s Progress’.

Students were struck by Hogarth’s rather sobering cautionary tale and enjoyed focussing on different characters in the story – looking at their experiences, feelings and behaviour.

The students also started to compare the two artists’ pieces, in particular looking at the differences in their mark making. Some of us set about trying to mirror Hogarth’s painstakingly detailed style as we went round with sketchbooks – this was not an easy task! The serpent who eats David Hockney alive in his interpretation of the story drew a lot of our attention – and some brilliant (if gory) sketches were made.

We then went onto make our own prints – a set of four images showing an important event in our lives. Pupils chose very different moments – everything from visiting a foreign country for the first time to buying a new pair of shoes.

Everyone in the group first sketched and then printed their stories in black and red ink. The result is really striking – some very interesting moments have been captured!


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