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Green Pledges from the staff at Whitworth Art Gallery

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Image above – Victor Pasmore

Since September the staff here at the Whitworth Art Gallery have been submitting ‘Green Pledges’ in order to make small changes at work that will help reduce impacts that we have on our environment. The pledges range from environmental themed workshops with our baby, toddler, home education and family visitors to information shared on how we can individually and collectively reduce waste (printing, ‘bin the bin’ scheme), reuse waste (departments collecting incoming external envelopes and reusing them in preference to new envelopes), circulating new travel schemes by encouraging staff to consider more sustainable modes of transport whilst circulating information and techniques on cycling courses, supplying information on efficient driving techniques that can save up to 20% in fuel consumption and various staff members have been celebrating Fairtrade Fortnight Campaigns which are official events of  the Fairtrade Foundation (please find link to their website on the right) and as part of a ‘Community Pledge’, have hosted some fantastic charitable events such as Wear it Pink where staff dressed in pink for the day and showed off their culinary skills by selling cakes for breast cancer awareness.

We thought it’d be nice to share some of the ideas and pledges that aren’t only applied in the workplace, but can also have an impact back within the home setting! We will also be placing clickable channels on the right to pages such as ‘Green Blog’ whilst posting up links to various sites on our ‘Related Links’ page.

To start with, allow us to post recent information that some members of our Visitor Services team have been distributing to all staff here and at Manchester Museum.

This green pledge is to recycle cardboard.The composition of cardboard was first developed in 1884 by Swedish chemist, Carl F. Dahl. Dahl developed the Kraft process, which turns wood pulp into the durable and aptly named Kraft paper, known commonly as cardboard. The material is used in corrugated form to build boxes for everything you can think of, while the noncorrugated Kraft paper is commonly covered with a wax coating for food containers like milk cartons. It is always good to learn about things like that…
Here are some little hints with cardboard boxes:
-Keep large cardboard boxes whenever you move house- even if you don’t plan to move again, your friends or neighbours might need them.
-Your local school or playgroup may use cardboard boxes for craft projects.
-Use a cardboard box to collect your other recycling in- then you won’t have to separate it later!
Check this website with how to be more sustainable with recycling at work:
Find out where locally you can recycle cardboard:
Another pledge in which we’d like to share is raising awareness on our water consumption. One way we could save more on water and energy is by boiling only enough water you need to make yourself a well deserved brew. If you don’t already do this, you will be surprised by how little water you need to boil for just one cup. So give it a go!
For fun and ideas on how to save money by reducing the water you use at home, try the 3 minute Water Energy Calculator:- http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/Heating-and-hot-water/Saving-money-on-hot-water/Water-Energy-Calculator

If anyone has anymore they would like to share then please leave comments below and the Learning Team will circulate your ideas!


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