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Fly me to the Moon…

Hi, we’re Eleanor and Emma and we’re doing work experience here at the gallery for the week. We hope to gain inside knowledge on how to run a gallery and what happens behind the scenes, not only with the art and exhibits but also with the adversitary and promotional aspects of the gallery and the arts.

So far we’ve taken part in a session of “toddlertastic” which is a weekly activity held at 10:30 and 11:30 on a Monday morning aimed at toddlers and young children.

Today the gallery brought in an actress to do an interactive story telling with the children involving many props and even a fluffy alien! We were taken on a wild journey to the stars on our respective space blankets with Milo, a young boy who wanted to help his alien friend find his missing planets.

Through the sweet melody of a flute the space story was brought to life and we found ourselves transported to the moon; as enthraled as the children (that is, until we had to bar stray balls, another interactive prop used by the actress to illustrate the planets).

The event proved a great triumph and the children sought frequent interaction with both the staff and their peers.  One of the parents approuched us and told us that they would happily spend the whole day at the gallery if they could.  This attitude seemed prominent throughout the audience and the session even attracted the attention of two researchers who also attended, expressing an interest to return with their video camera.

We’d love to stay and chat but there are a million things going on at the gallery, especially in preparation for the Whitworth Weekend festival. 

Hope to see you there!


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