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Today’s work experience was slightly different to anything we had experienced before as we moved away from the gallery and looked at how Whitworth works with the surrounding foundations.

We visted the Manchester Royal Infirmary, to look at how the arts have been used as a tool within the hospital to lighten the well being of many of the patients. We found out how already they have made an impact after hearing a story from a poet about a young boy who had brain damage, and how he had responded to music.

Afterwards we went on a tour of the hospital itself, which was filled with interactive artwork and large sculptures. All had been funded by charites and the effects were clear as we were enlightend by the colourful and interesting pieces. In the hydrotherapy centre, the walls were covered with 3-D images of underwater scenery which not only removed the clinical feeling of the corridors but also created a link with the treatment methods in the area.

Outside the buildings were just as inviting as on the inside, as colourful pillars lined the outside of the building as well as a large interactive sculpture which left everyone smiling with its coloured lights feature.

Overall today has been an interesting insight into how the Whitworth Gallery is working with other organisations in the local area to improve the surrounding environments.


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