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Work Experience Wednesday 3rd July

I’m James and I am 15 years old. I have been working at the Whitworth Art Gallery for my work experience placement from Monday 1st and I am due to finish Friday 5th of July. I have been working with four other students who are also working here for work experience. It is currently Wednesday and  it has been a busy week and a very enjoyable and useful experience also. In this past week I have felt I have learnt a lot about the way an art gallery operates and how much work is involved in running the gallery.

This week I have taken part in many activities along side my group. On Tuesday we looked at a number of different textile artists and we came up with activities for each artist which a group of Year 9 students would have to take part in the following week. There was a range of activities from drawing to creative writing.

Then we were in the archive where we unpicked the stitching in some textiles which were from around the 1950’s. It was really interesting because we were able to work with such beautiful textiles created by very talented artists.

Today we were given a tour around the the Manchester Royal Infirmary to see the art around the hospital. Currently there is an event at the hospital called Culture Shots. It shows how art and culture from museums and galleries can improve a patients health wellbeing. The tour showed us many different pieces of art as well as many different kinds of art. From paintings to sculptures. It opened my eyes to a different aspect of art and it also made me realise how much of an effect art could have on someone and their life. The tour has probably been my favourite part of working here at the Whitworth because felt that it was a great experience which I feel I have learned a lot from.

I currently have two more days working at the Whitworth. So far it has been a great experience and I am looking forward to my final two days here.


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