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The Play Room – Whitworth Weekending

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As the Whitworth Art Gallery has now closed temporarily to be extended and transformed into a new 21st Century Gallery in the park we celebrated the last few days of the gallery in style with a magical 3 day event in the park packed full of art, music, performance and adventure to say a big thank you to everyone who makes Whitworth what it is.

People of all ages danced, sang, played, laughed, ran, jumped, painted, printed, and got creative all in the beautiful setting of Whitworth Park.

Of course babies and very young children played a huge part of the weekend. As well as designing all our all our activities and workshops to be suitable for absolutely all ages, we also had the Play Room. A tent especially designed with under 5s and their grown ups in mind, filled with wonderful objects for little ones to explore, play and be creative with. Half of the Play Room was set aside especially for non walking babies. This was a comfortable space, separated by a low wall, where babies and their parents/carers could play together and feel safe.
First thing in the morning, in the Play Room, everyone’s senses were awakened with cellists, harpists and flautists performing within the space. The afternoon was then filled with magical interactive story journeys performed by the amazing Carla Henry.
We had a wonderful time and got some fantastic feedback, here’s just some of the comments we received:

We’ve only been here for 30 minutes and fantastic already. Alana is 8 months old and all her senses have been awakened on a lovely Saturday morning. We’re looking forward to the rest of the day.

A lovely session. I was surprised by the total silence in the baby area, not a crying baby in sight!

Lovely space – especially so much for children and babies. It’s a shame this isn’t a more permanent feature – we’d be here all the time!

My daughter really enjoyed the sensory tent. She’s 5 months old and first time she’s been to somewhere like it and she got a lot from it. Very good idea, particularly the silver foil, tinsel and instruments. It’s inspired me to find her a regular baby group.

Elva loved the story – it was magical, especially in the park.

Lovely Saturday morning in Whitworth park. Amazing, i feel so very lucky to live in Manchester and have experienced the sensory sessions at the Whitworth.

Really magical, completely relaxed and enthralled baby. We love the Whitworth.

Such a lovely experience. Fantastic session as always but outdoors.

I loved the storytelling and Bram (8 months) was spellbound. The objects were great for him to explore.

Really enjoyable to see all the babies so engaged with the story! Really entertaining thank you!

This is the first one of these that i have visited. My 9 month old was so ‘in the zone’ that i thought she was going to levitate! Wonderful thank you!

Lovely time in the park today, the tent was fantastic. As always Art Baby is a magical experience for Owen. Really going to miss the sessions when Owen goes to nursery. Thank you.


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