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Roving Reporters

Learning @ Whitworth would like to invite our Roving Reporters, from Heald Place Primary School, to update our followers and supporters on the exciting redevelopment of our Gallery. Through the eyes of a child, this project will not only give great insight into the building work that’s ongoing behind the scenes but provide information from a young visitors perspective. We will be posting these on a regular basis – enjoy!

Have you heard there’s an awesomely massive expansion going on?

It’s happening at the Whitworth Art Gallery near Manchester Eye Hospital on Oxford Road. It’s happening because there are some eye-catching pieces of art work that cannot be shown to the public as there’s no place to put them! The Whitworth Art Gallery is now closed and will be re-opened in October 2014 to reveal the 120 year old art gallery and a modern master piece to the public. 89 people from the company ISG, working on the project, are giving it their all. The ISG team work Monday – Thursday, from 6am! We are the Roving Reporters team and this is our first blog. We are six Year 5 students from Heald Place Primary School, working as a news team to report on the progress of the Whitworth Art Gallery’s expansion whilst the building is closed.

Our brilliant school is on Heald Place in Rusholme in Manchester. We recently interviewed a BBC reporter on how to be a professional journalist so that we could then write this interesting, eye-catching blog.

We, the Roving Reporters, were invited to see the building site. The purpose of going to the building site was to interview the important project manager!

We asked him if there were any problems that had been experienced during the build. While we were on the tour, the ISG team told us that they are making very good progress. They plan to connect the old part of the building to an elegant, contemporary extension!


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