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Go to Manchester Museum’s Coral Exhibition to see Ventalina

Ventalina is Karen Casper’s latest commission – a fan inspired by the depletion of coral.  It is incredibly beautiful and looks amazing amongst the exhibits.  In fact, the coral species next to the fan was one of the first pieces to inspire Casper.  She encountered the brain coral on one of her first research visits for another work, Miss Coral, at the London National History Museum.

Karen Casper is one of the artists who is part of the Whitworth’s contemporary textile handling resource called Tactile Too, which can be used at the Gallery of Costume whilst the gallery is shut and booked out for use at colleges and secondary schools.

The fan is named after Gorgonia venalina which is a purple sea fan, with delicate coral, lace-like branches.  Casper’s techniques and materials make the fan look like it has been encrusted with marine life and draws attention it’s fragility.

Follow the exhibition link to find out more:


See my snapshots below (note the colours appear washed out in these photos) and professional shots in the post below.  Do go to the exhibition with incredibly delicate objects, weird and wonderful models as well as telling a story about biodiversity and the importance of marine environments today.




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