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Roving Reporters – The Amazing Expansion!

This months Roving Reporters Blog Post comes from Danyaal, Hashim and Sadia – enjoy!

Hello we are the Roving Reporters. Here is some more breaking and unexpected news about the great, amazing and eye catching whitworth expansion and it’s progress so far. Last month we interviewed the site manager Mr Jackson. There have been problems but they have overcome them over the last past couple of months.

There is going to be an unexpected under floor heater which the public might not know about. There is 150m hole dug in the ground for connecting things to pipes in the sewers. The windows in the glass cafe are bought all the way from Austria and the other materials are from Germany

The builders have succeeded in making the building weather tight.

Did you know….?

The Whitworth art gallery Expansion is going really well with all the new glass and all the different type of materials. Mr Jackson, the site manager, has told us all about different problems they are experiencing. For example, the rain is causing some problems but they are coping with this really well. The builders made sure that the roofs were safe for the stormy weather. The Japanese knotweed has also been solved! The good news is, they have done the external finishing and completed the heating and the marble floor.

The beautiful glass café is finished. It’s all made out of glass and has stainless steel mullions running through the glass. This will give a shimmering effect. The builders are looking forward to putting on the roof garden soon! In the dark, freezing, windy weather, they put more lights in so they can see the things in the dark.

My opinion is that this expansion is going really well. I hope that they can finish the building soon so keep up the hard work builders!


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