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Introducing the Culture Collective’s Drawing Anatomy Workshop

The Culture Collective: Learning with Research is a collaborative series working with University of Manchester research students.  Drawing Anatomy brings together scientists and artists to explore the relationship between art and science, working together to gain a better understanding of anatomy.  For this session, Karlina Ozolina and Naomi Billingsley used their cutting edge research to bring a unique perspective to anatomy.  Karlina’s research is based around how environmental factors influence the movement of fish and Naomi’s research explores the works of artist William Blake in particular his images of Jesus Christ.

Art and Textiles students from Loreto College took part in the first session where they made several drawings from Manchester Museum’s collections in the Living Worlds and Nature’s Library galleries.  The drawings were very playful with quick sketches using limited movement and their non-dominant hands to make marks.  The students made large-scale life drawings from a model and they designed creatures for the future inspired by animals on display at the museum and their new knowledge of how animals adapt to survive in their environment.  It was a really good way to find out more about anatomy with little snippets of information being given whilst looking at animals and humans and drawing.  There were lots of interesting facts to be found out and a good time was had by all!

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Quotes from the participants:

“I learnt that science and art can be connected.”Student

” I have learnt that blood vessels take oxygen into the bones!” Tutor

” Hippos sweat sun cream” PhD Demonstrator

One free session is still available for up to 20 Post-16 students.  Contact Denise Bowler if you are interested via e-mail

denise.bowler@manchester.ac.uk.  Make sure that you don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity!






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